Why 100 stories in 100 Weeks? a.k.a. About

I attended a writing conference five months ago. The Williamette Writer’s Conference, where I learned that if I wanted to be a writer (and someday publish an amazing contribution in the form of a novel) I should write one hundred short stories. The theory is that we learn more quickly and it makes much more sense to learn about our weaknesses in a short format versus after finishing a three hundred page novel. Made sense.

Since then I have written zero, yes zero short stories. However, I have attempted to write a novel ten times. In an effort to discipline myself and also because I just recently watched Julie vs. Julia (henceforth finding a bit of inspiration), I decided to put myself up to the task of writing one hundred short stories in one hundred weeks. I figure they are going to start out pretty crappy, but I am going to stick to it, and I have an even bigger hope that somewhere along the road I actually become a decent writer. Afterall, that is the whole point of this. So, read and tell me what you love and hate because, alas, you will probably help me to be a better writer if you tell me what you think. Wish me luck!

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